Real-time fiber tracking

Fiber tracking is a valuable tool for the neurosurgeon. By using it, it is possible to discover where are the fiber bundles in a patient’s brain, even before the surgery begins. With this knowledge, the neurosurgeon is able to to minimize damages to the brain.

In order to take advantage of fiber tracking, all that is needed is a magnetic resonance imaging scan acquired with the DTI protocol. LAPIX’s fiber tracking tool then reads the scans and shows the fiber bundles on the screen.

Our fiber tracking tool’s greatest advantage lies in its interactivity. Despite the great amount of mathematical calculations involved in the process, our tool can show the fiber bundles on the screen in real time. In order to achieve that speed, the computer’s video card (GPU) is used.

The two figures above show LAPIX’s fiber tracking tool. On the left we can see the fiber bundles that connect the two hemispheres of a patient’s brain; the picture on the right shows nerves in a horizontal section of the brain.

Watch below a video that shows our fiber tracking tool in action!

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